The Central Youth Project

We do "youth group" a little differently here. We believe that for our youth to be discipled in the current age, the model with which we do that needs to adapt... and so was born The Central Youth Project. A call for youth to join in doing and creating, while learning practical wisdom from God's Word.

We meet every week on Sunday's at 1PM!


Pastor Dan (or another qualified teacher) will lead us line by line through the Book of Proverbs. This time is more of a teaching setting, with a white board, note books, and a time for questions to be asked before transitioning into Small Group Time.

Small Group Time

Then we will have teens meet in groups of 3 or 4 to talk about what they learned today. Each group will be given discussion questions  to go through, as well as, the opportunity to be the small group that gets recorded for our weekly podcast.

Creator Hour

After Small Group Time, the youth will get into separate groups to either continue planning their next outreach event (the youth plan and execute 4 yearly events themselves), practice with the musical worship team, or start any other creative activity (podcasts, videos, etc.).

Fall Small Group

During the fall, every Wednesday we will be meeting at the church from 2-4pm to go through a current events and "You Asked About It" series.  If you want to have a biblical worldview when it comes to the current events or simply want to be able to ask a question and have it answered, this is the group for you! Feel free to send in questions for discussion down below!